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bland with a story

It was nice to see an actual plot line used in a sprite movie. I notice only a couple things were actually hand drawn, everything else was images imported into flash, and I don't like to vote high on "easy to get" images. could score higher if it was cleaned up. and always try to optimize the flash. the file size was way to large for a movie of this content and length. you could try cutting and lowering the sample rate of your music and using the 'trace bitmap' option for the images you imported.

keep up the work,

BoxOfRox responds:

ok u suported ur opinion and u aren't pure bs, i have respect for that. so cya, and many peace 2 you

potential under the rough

entertaining and there were a few moments of frame by frame animation that showed alot of potential of what could come in the future from you. the worst thing about the movie was the backgrouds and terrain. music was decent and helped the movie. if the backgrounds were better and there was more frame by frame i would have scored higher.

Nice job!


tiz a turd of a movie....the track used in the background is Axel F by Faltermeyer. I noticed the question mark by audio.

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what kinda shit are you running on?

i've been running XP pro for 3 months now and have had absolutly no issues with this OS. I admit there are issues with Win9X, but XP has shown no signs of letting me down. I think MS has actually created a complete and stable OS this time. the only way these issues would exist is if you are too cheap to sink some money into decent hardware. about the flash, pretty slim on the interactivity side for being an OS mockup.. there needs to be more shit to click on to keep your interest. learn how to create overlay buttons so you don't have to aim for the text to click on shit. and if your going to parody XP at least use XP system sounds, not 9x sounds. good job otherwise.

w33nie responds:

I know XP has nothing wrong with it, XP is the best they've got out, it's not the point of making it look like XP and have errors like XP...

very well designed with issues

I really thought that the 'game' was really well drawn and thought out...but (there is always a 'but') the file size was awfully large for such a short film. I don't know if it was the frame by frame animation or the initial size of the sound files, but it could probably be slimmed a little. there are always shortcuts. It could also be a little more challenging. everything was too obvious.

over all it looks like a great work in progress. looking forward to the final product!

poor artwork, tedious interface

the interactivity was cool but a little tedious. i didn't like the fact that every time you tried something other than the correct option you had to start all the way over at the beginning. and the look was nothing new. same old use of badly animated sprites on a horribly drawn background. i would definitly score higher if the backgrounds were better and the sprite animation was less stale. and i hadn't see this done before.

good job, none the less:)

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